26 Sept 08 Duhz! (Pink Sketches #6)

Hooray.. it's the new sketch, and it's getting more and more fascinating for me now.. :)

Dd said he looked distorted in the pictures... Talking about ugly... Maybe I'll upload something which my dd did to me some time back... THAT WAS UGLY!

I was in a craze that day after playing that catcha machine where there are so many darlings inside those machines and u pump dollar after dollar just to hook them up... And that was my achievement of that day... The Monkey.. I call him our son... Wahahaha... He even wears spectacles... But I think he made "daddy" very uneasy... Hahaha... In the picture on the left, "daddy" was showing his "No no no... this is not my son" look, and on the right, he is still analysing how can that be his son... I thought it was quite cute!

She said: "Let's take a picture with our son!"
He went: " -_-"' Are u sure that's our son?!"

Prima Essentials 5 Floral Embellishments, Luxe Designs Simple Grid, Thickers from American Crafts, 7gypsies journal stickers, granola pattern papers and element stickers, Making Memories Arcrylic paint - country blue & chocolate, and the MONKEY from my magnet bookmark collection. :)

And dd, I want to love u more more more! Wahaha...

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