12 Oct 08 Woohoo, happy updates!

I am too excited for words. I've been very honoured to be chosen by pink sketches to be one of the 5 guest designers! Woohoo! I still cant believe it! I just checked my mail and the website this afternoon and didn't see it, but hey I came home and there it is! I am so so so happy! Although they cant see how much I appreciate this, and how happy I am, thank you sooooooooo muccchhhhhhhhhhh! I can't contain this excitement!

On a different note, I went out with Ping last friday.. We've been meeting up at PS and roaming Orchard recently.. haha.. Here's my take on the pictures, and we've 2 mad gers following a coffee trail... haha.. That's just us like the good old days. Walamak. Thank you ger, if not I won't have been able to find that perfect gift... Hehe... Thanks for boiling that with me! :)

Hope it had been happy for all of ya too, and stay happy! I will be savouring the taste of my first ever guest designer for Pink Sketches...

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