31 OCT 2008 Work Day 4 @ Jakarta - FINALE~

Although I was really hugging my stomach and dragging my feet to work... I felt some sort of responsibility to get these engineers to perform to their very best. Although it's my last day here in Indonesia & I should be happy to go home, I actually felt that I will miss these guys.. They've been real nice to me during my stay here and taught me many bahasa indonesian as well adopted the Sporean famous "lah" (haha they learn well... Everything they learn...)

And yes, I'm gonna miss them all...

And what made me more touched was they bought me a souvenir!

And so.. after a huge rush on the last day @ PT Setio Harto with the service engineers, I am tired... And so I am going home...

Happy to see my friends & family soon, but will also miss these guys who taught me whilst I taught them... Definitely, I'll try to learn some bahasa indonesian to talk to them next time.. haha.. (P/S: They wanted to teach me Javanese oso... But I told them it's too much for me to learn! haha...)
But alas, it's over for this trip.

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