6 July 2009 Jakarta Day 2

All that travelling to the hospitals today, it's really tiring, especially when I'm not feeling well. Yah, I'm suffering from tummy upsets, extreme pains this morning till now. Walking around with a bloated tummy, and I had to finish the lunch at some sudanmese restaurant.
Woke up at 6am today, that's like 5am here in Indonesia, then I lazed around in bed till it was 8am, time to wake up. This is the place where I update myself with all the TV programmes anyway. Haha.

I've called for room service today, since I really feeling very exhausted, but the tiring event is yet to begin. Installation will begin tomorrow. I am praying for success.

Today I was at one of the hospitals in Jakarta, it was a government owned hospital. There is a problem with one of the systems so I went to the hospital with the engineers to check the system. The patients were still entering the room, the doctor had to still check the patients that came in. There came in patient 1, and this doctor used the telescope to observe her nose. Just plug into the nose like that, I'd have fainted if I had to sit through that. Argh. Believe me, it was horrible. Then the doctor cleaned with some alcohol and place telescope in a flask, together with some other telescopes. I think it contained some alcohol or some disinfectant. Paitient 2 came in. He has some blood clots in his nose. Hence the doctor took the telescope ( from the flask ) and started observing again. Argh, no cleaning! Just using alcohol, it's gross!

Anyway after that there was some bleeding from patient 1, hence they just stuffed some gauze into her nose and made her sit there. That scene was horrible, I haven been able to see this kind of scene where the gauze was filled with blood and there she was sitting there.

Now I see for myself, how lucky we are to be in Singapore where the medical team is of high medical standards, and of course, using absolutely clean endoscopes and/or telescopes. Can you imagine re-using telescopes from some other patients?

It's really lucky for us to be born in Singapore. It's never easy to see how these people in these countries survive under such bad conditions.

Rambling, rambling, my food is finally here! To my room! hahaha! I'm off for food, it's already 730pm in Spore and my tummy is flipping for joy at the sight and smell of it! haha~


After dinner....

It's yummy. haha. I'm loving the food on bed, so comfy. Alas, House is on screen, and it's my fav show in the week. :) Nice! There's CSI tomorrow.. haha...

Well, I've been cramping books just now at least while watching house, and some detective show... Now I'm taking a break before going to bed.

Just a little note to add on before I go, I managed to get something for the Huis, all thanks to Huiling's fav animal... Then I see something that Ping & Li might like, so I thought, might as well get something for you all... That was yesterday at Pluit Junction. Hope you gers will like it.

Now gonna sleep already, tummy's not at all well. Hope the pain goes away tomorrow. I already hadn't slept well last night. Good night ppl.

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