8 years...

This is going to be the last of the LO I'll post before I embark on the flight to Indonesia for a working trip. And that would be another week before I return. Just a note that my giveaway is still open. (pls see previous post) do leave down any comments!

Honestly I don't feel like travelling. Not for work purpose at least. I'm more looking forward to the BKK trip with Irwin in June. Please help me tell the protestors to stop okie?

Anyways this is based on the sketch by pencil lines again. I just thought it really was versatile.. And who says guys pictures cannot use flowers? Ok I am one who dun really care, so as long as I dun use pink I think it's gonna be ok. So that's what I think. Well it looks fine I think.

8 Years...:

I know I have used this picture before, but since it was given as a gift I decided to keep one for my LO collection as well. It describes what I felt for 8 years.

Fancy pants glitter cuts, 7gypsies gratitude and memories stickers, me and my big ideas postage stickers, American craft spring collection pp, thickers, prima marketing flowers

Close ups:

Layering the American craft pps were fun starting from cutting to pasting!

Misting and blodging.. (is that a word?) well u can tell.. Haha..

This is the first time I layer my letters. Looks cool!

I honestly dun like to use my iPhone to blog. At least not for my LOs, but it's close to 1am and I've got a flight to catch at 9am so I better not switch on my comp... Haha.

Hope you like it Irwin! :)

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