Sibs [An LO Inspired by Studio Calico]

It was a great sketch at Studio Calico this weekends. The photos were my old collection, and I haben found the right idea to do it.. Until this week.

I do have a lot to say before I post this LO on my blog. This is what I wana tell to my dear "siblings" before I do...

Stacy . Marilyn . Shawn . Jerry . Carolyn
In the past, a lot of people denied me as a friend because they think I was Ah Lian. But these people did not think what the other people thought. Even after I graduated from AHS, you guys were still ard for me. A special occassion I remembered was during the time I took my O Level results, and all Sec4s were in the school hall. You guys stood outside the hall and waited. Waited until the principal finished his "crap" and results were passed to us, one by one. Some of us cried, some of us jumped for joy. I didnt know what to do. I looked at my results and saw my best friend cry while I hugged her. Actually I didn't dare to cry cos I was overly shocked by my best friend. Then you guys came to me, found me in the midst of the whole lot of people in the hall and just hugged me.... That time on, my heart opened up to you guys.... 10 years after I graduated from AHS, we still kept in contact, even if you guys were busy, you never forgot my birthday. I especially remembered the pig which you all got for me on my birthday from Precious Thoughts, just cos I loved it so much....

Some things I remembered....

When Mrs Lim saw the atrocious hair colour on Marilyn, instead of finding Marilyn, she came to me and asked if I was the one who instigated Marilyn to dye her hair that colour. LOL. There was another time you called me crying. I came to meet you and talked to u. I tell u now, I went home... That day, I felt sad cos I couldnt do anythg to help u....

Last month, I was at Tampines One looking for some stuffs (I couldn't remember what) and I was really very blurred.... I think I was rushing for time... Somewhere at the back, someone yelled "Stacy Jie!" Who me? Haha, guess who I saw? I saw Carolyn's sister... LOL. I only met her once, so I asked her how come she can remember how I look? She told me Carol always shared the photos we took, so she hears alot from her... I said gdbye to her as we reached lvl 1, and I cried.. Silly, I know.

There was this time, we were at Marilyn's carpark I think. Weilie was reaching for his car, and he showed me this toy I got for them via the catcher for Xmas. He hung it at the back of his car and told me that he keeps all the pressies that I gave to him... And some other stuffs.. All in all, I listened carefully. Back home, I reviewed what he said and I cried while looking at the photos of the xmas gifts I had given them over the years.

I vaguely remember, Shawn called me and talked to me... I forgot for what. We spoke of all the other sibs (don't worry I cant remember what and I dont think it was anything bad...) and I think he was updating me with the other sibs whereabts etc... It happened sorta after the sibs grad from sec school. Honestly, that time, I remembered the part after I hung the phone. I cried too, for I missed all of you so badly, and I was thinking.. Shawn has grown so much. (Partially I didnt wana you all to grow up so fast....)

 Stacy . Marilyn . Shawn . Jerry . Carolyn

So there. It was a long one, I didnt expect to have so much feelings onto them... Hahaha. Yes, I do. I love all of ya, and hope that all of ya will find ur own happiness... I miss you people. Hopefully the above wont give u all goosebumps, LOL.
Here's the LO to share with all of ya...

Sibs [Inspired by Studio Calico]

I miss you little rascals so badly!


Sassafras: Life is beautiful "pocket full of rosies" ; October Afternoon: Daydream shapes and Night Light Ellie ; Creative Imaginations: Double Vision ; Collagepress: Journalling Cards ; Jillibean Soup: Bit of babble ; Basic Grey: Offbeat chip stickers ; Prima Marketing: Just Corina deco fun chipboards.

Close Ups:

"We used to meet up very often after school.
We played, studied and shared our probs.
For some reason, you all called me Jie.
And I want to tell all of you,
deep down in my heart,
I always care and miss u."

Hope you'll like it! :)

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