Updates and smaller projects..

Enough of songs... Hi people, I'm back! Back from HK and now preparing to go for Indonesia this coming sunday. Travelling can be fun, can be tiring, can be dull, can be sad, can be happy... It all depends on the reason for the travel. Hahaha. I wont say it's always boring to travel on work purposes, I can only say it's very tiring to travel on tight schedule.

And I did run all the way to Art Republic to replenish my flower stocks.... LOL. Did I say I was madly in love with the Prima flowers collection? Hmz. Feels yummy to me. Hahaha.

With my favourite flowers, I could now work on one of my projects.. Hehe.. I finally found a "model" to let me try my hands on a simple photoframe... LOL. But I can't display the pressie until he receives the pressie... So just some sneaks okie?

A very very simple one. Recently, due to all the travelling, I've not been updating the blog as much as I'd love to... SBing had to stall for a short while too... So now that I'm back, I needed to re-kick-myself-to-start from the smaller projects.. Hehehe...

22-26Mar 2010 Indonesia
29Mar-1Apr 2010 Msia
2 April 2010 HOLIDAY!!

That's what all of us like to see in a month. Holidays!!!

Hi Fiona! I just saw ur comment.. Dunno why blogger never sent notification email to me... It usually does... Email me can? koostacy@yahoo.com or click the link at the top of my blog. Thanks! I'll be wanting to catch up with you! And yesh I was the one who replied about the fabrics... :) Catch up in the emails!!

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