You shall be remembered by many...

Please bear with me, as I scrapped in memory for a principal I respected and an educator who inspired me to be what I am today.

Pure Love
Yesterday, message of Mr Moo's death shocked many of us. He was 63.

That year, he was our principal in Anglican High School, the first school with a dedicated class for the sports students, the school to encourage many aspiring students to pursue studies together with sports. At that time, the government was focusing more on studies than to produce atheletes. But he had the foresight and there we have - the sports class. Years down, AHS produced the elite sportsmen and women. In the east zone tournaments, we grab hold of the champions seat on most years.

Now, we mourn to see the news. But he will be remembered and even years down the road, I'm sure I'll be telling my kids, how wonderful a principal could be.

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Close Ups:

Thou shall remain in my memory...

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