Jolene's Bdae Card, Jap + ICS inspired Card

I've been out for awhile now, busy with travels, and that can be really tiring. But I've been pampering myself with a cool lower end unit than Big Shot... Lol. Though I really love the big shot, that's a really expensive investment I cant bring myself to get after so long...

Here's introducing my new toy.... I realised that it's not very much known on the internet... Cant find any pictures of it online. But it's definitely what I love for now... hahaha... (Psss.... Photos later... I realised I lost my XD card.. Sianz....)

Anyways I've managed to come up with 2 cards... One for Jolene's birthday and the other... Haben tot of what to do with it. I guess, when the time comes I'll know. Hehehe...

Jolene's Birthday Card

This card was really fun since I made use of my new toy and did some embossing and cutting. Honestly, now I really find more reasons to make cards, and now I know why it is so fun. And of course, why people buy the Big Shot. Wahahaha. Now I am thinking if my dd could sponsor me........ Or any kind sponsors out there? My birthday is coming up pretty soon... Wahahaha...

Close Ups:
Jap + ICS inspired card
I found some rub-ons really fitting the theme of this card. Weeeheee. Fun and easy. LOL! and I love the simplicity of this theme with the Jap girl and embossing.. What can I say, ICS inspires great stuffs! :) Somehow I just like Sketch 66. It was fun!

Close Ups:


bibimoon said...

oh no....u got the Big Shot too :P
it's a highly addictive toy and u will end up buying lots of dies.....
it's my fav toy and i love it deeply.
have fun with it :)

Fern said...

Hi Stacy, I recognized the dies you used here as being from KCK. Is that the brand of your die-cutting machine? If so, I was wondering if you have any experience with using other brands of dies with the KCK machine. I really need to know! Do you mind emailing me at I appreciate so much! Thanks!