Bdae Celebs

Been a long while since I updated my recent happenings.. After my birthday, I fell ill. Hence, I didnt really have the energy to update any happenings... But I've had the best of times during my birthday.. Spending time with the most important people in my life. I appreciate these people for being there for me. Love ya peeps!

28 May 2010 With Ping @ Tampines1
This gal really supports me at the most incredible times. That's why she is my best friend and best enemy. :P
29 May 2010 With DD at Marina Barrage
Some photos that I really loved alot... Well, if you see me in the photos, then it must have been taken by my DD, but if I'm not, then it's me who took it.. LOL.

I love the blank space around our water icon...
So how could I resist taking another blank space with myself?
That's how clear the sky was!
Finally, I got to take pics with the "wheel"...
I want to fly like the bat in the clear blue sky...
I love this place, for its simplicity and freedom. 
Of course, dont forget to roam the exhibitions okie... Hahaha. Hope I didn't give u a scare!

29 May 2010 With my sibs at The Central, Chinatown
Spending time with my sibs are very important to me. They made my wish come true, thank you for trying to come and meet up on this day, you people make me smile...

Waraku Int'l
Designed by Carol...
Haagan Dazs Birthday ice-cream...

30 May 2010 With my family at Tampines
The first year I spent my actual birthday with my family actually... I think as we get older, the more important family ties become.. And I'm really glad I spent time with them... *Teary eyes*

Looks tasty! Yeah, mummy treated me to roasted duck at Crystal Jade! Yes, it was mummy's treat! I think it's the first meal she ever treated me to.. My tears are rolling!
And coupled with that, my brother offered to treat me to Haagan Dazs...
How lucky am I?!

I think this is the best way to spend a birthday.. Love these peeps for making me feel so happy!
Now I've photos to scrap! Yeah!

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bibimoon said...


happy birthday ya!!

n congrat for winning the notebk challenge!

also, i so luv the sewing pouch u made!!