Racerback Tee Remade

And now it has renewed its life. Yesterday, I went to Chinatown... Was walking ard and found this unique shop selling all the laces and stuffs. I got pretty engrossed in there. And I know I will be back for more..

Honestly, I'm not a person who likes to throw away stuffs, bc it makes me feel wasteful. Hence, my clothes have been piling up since I was 15. Do your math. :)

Over these years, I admit myself having a weak spot for plain racerbacks, sleeveless plain tees etc, and the similarity of all these tees - sleeveless / plain. However, as I grew older, I realised I do have a change in the colours choice and the design choice. Hence, I started to change my attires in some ways, adding brooches or adding a scarf etc.

So I went home and started to experiment on one of my very very old racerback Tees. I think this racerback was at least 12years old. Hahaha. But bc the length of this tee was very long, I liked it so much that even when the collar turned a little yellow, I didn't want to throw this away.

Easy to make and delightful to watch the completed piece. Now I wana start wearing it soon. :)

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