ICSketches #77 Happy Chinese New Year!

Ok, I admit, it's a little too early. Chinese New Year doesn't really come until February next year. Christmas isn't even here! But inspirations do not come everyday, and this stamp collection came into mind when I saw the sketch at ICS. So there! This week's sketch was really fun, go try your hand on it! :) The DTs did extremely great creations with the wonderful sketch!

Happy Chinese New Year!
The boy and the girl probably symbolises my brother and I. I had intentions to give this to our parents, and i hope and think that our parents would be extremely delighted as we have not given them any cards before.
Love the "traditional yet not so traditional" kind of look.

Chinese traditional scroll type title
Traditionally dressed girl and boy.
Handmade Flower and Scroll of Greetings.
Gold and red must be the most common colours associated with the Chinese New Year. It represents prosperity and blessings, so I thought it made good sense to make a more traditional card for my parents. The handmade flower took me a long time to figure how to roll it nicely! :) And I love that stamp on the scroll. It reads 吉祥迎春, which means "lucky welcoming the new year". This is a good phrase for cards, and I'm glad I found such a stamp!

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