Happy Mooncake Festival!

To one and all celebrating the Mooncake Festival - Happy Eating! *Munch Munch* Oops, ok it's supposed to be Happy Mooncake Festival & remember to bring your child on the night walks carrying their lanterns, I'm sure that is really fun! I'm on the other hand enjoying what most people deem as suicidal - haha - mooncakes! It's suicidal since I "attack" the salted egg yolk mainly... haha - *munch* Unfortunately that's a very huge amount of cholesterol intake per yolk. But I'll still like it anyway.

Happy Mooncake Festival!
Anyway just a quick search online and I found this -
Starbucks Coffee Mooncake

I think I'd be really enjoying some Chai Latte together with this mooncake if I ever spot it in Singapore!

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