Handmade Ribbons by Pearl

I practially jumped at the chance to get those gorgeous ribbons!

Each one, hand dyed by Pearl, is now on sale! And for the limited number of quantities, she is first selling it to local... So if you are a Singaporean - what are you waiting for?

To tell you the truth, I had the urge to buy all... Hahaha... But I'm not that far off from all... LOL!
And the best part - I get to meet my fellow DT from ICS... Yes, finally! Pearl and I have been in ICS together, and I often wanted to meet her...

Ok, back to ribbons! I'm working on the ribbons now - they are so pretty!
Here's what I've got:

Aint they pretty? I'm loving it!

And Pearl has been extra nice to me... She's also brought a gift for me...

Unfortunately, I still cant announce it yet.. Hahaha... So take note of my post on the upcoming post on ICS this week - and I shall reveal the fabulous present!

Last but not least - thank you Pearl! It's been great knowing you in person - and working with you in ICS!
P/S: I'll try to work on the LOs soon - you are so inspiring! :)

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Pearl said...

hahaha ! Coolios , grrlll!!!

yeah ! how fun to finally meet up !!!
can't wait to see what you do with the ribbons too !!!!they really are great on cards !!

p/s : just noticed your lovley blog header with matching background !! sweeeet ! were they customised for you ? ;)