It's been so long since I last wrote a post because I've been overseas and I have to say that this trip was worthwhile all the tiredness and rush...

These are the photos from Taiwan. I've got like hundreds of them, selecting my favourites here...

It was not too long after the Taiwan trip that I joined my current company.
And not too long after my current company, I joined them for the budget trip cum team bonding trip at Turi Beach Resort.

It was a hectic 3 days, but I think I got to know some more people there. Not to mentioned that these people really can drink!

And shortly one week later, upcoming Standard Chartered Run on 5th December 2010.
It seems that the fun never ends - and I'm feeling so tired yet happy...
Though this year I am not running, I joined my colleagues and perhaps, I might just join next year!

Lastly were 2 ladies who were drenched in the sun waiting for the guys and girls to finish the run. :)

A hectic week, and I'm also behind schedule for my scrapping, so this week is really going to be making up for all of it.

Thanks friends, for being there with so many lovely comments!


annieambriel said...

looks like you have had a fabulous time :D

Stacy said...

Yes! I rarely have time Þo relax myself totally so I really appreciate these fun times!