270908 Xi Nu Ai Le..

This has to be by far one of the fastest LO, and the only LO completed halfway through the afternoon... haha...

Xi Nu Ai Le

We were at Pasir Ris Downtown East sometime back... Haha. that was the times when darlz allowed me to take any pictures I like, and we got into the craze... LOL... Now if I ask him again maybe... maybe after I put this online... maybe he wont allow me to take anymore? haha... I dun care... LOL... I still wana show everyone how cute my darlz is! Hehe...

Your happiness, anger, sorrow or joys... I'll embrace all cos tt's u - the man I love.

Scenic Route Paper, Thickers from American Crafts, SEI tags, 7gypsies journal stickers, Scenic Route Die Cut Arrows, Ribbons from my yummy collection, KI lace cardstock and the lovely buttons curtesy of dd's mom & sister-in-law. :)

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