011008 Happy Children's day & Selamat Hari Raya!

How was your children's day or Hari Raya?

Mine was spent at darlz place, with his mom and brother's family... Little darren was hopping on his bed so much that I think it might fall apart... And my poor bolster was his fun list today, he basically dragged it all across the house with its little hand.. haha.. It was fun seeing him have so much fun with the bolster that erm, had some history of stitching up... haha..

Here's my story.... And basically I love children!

This very bright child has just learned to pose for picture taking... But some show on the TV is catching is attention.. (some story about using fart to drive the space shuttle or was it the robot show... haha... i wasn't watching...) But he apparently can watch and listen to instructions to pose at the same time... haha..


Anyway, since I am so in love with this bright and handsome kid, I finally got myself to edit one of the LOs which I've made previously, but didn't have any idea how to continue... haha..

Here's the BEFORE:

And welcome the AFTER:


We were celebrating Father's day and dd's birthday at dd's house... Darren was so intend on blowing the candles that he simply can't concentrate on the camera.. So intent that he blew with all his might and out came the (saliva?!) haha... 2 big boys & 1 little man.. Great shot of them... A plus point here, thanks to Sophia and David who went to get this cake... It was very very delicious! (erm, despite the saliva lah) hehe...

In celebration of Darlz bdae & Father's Day
I was quite amazed at the similarity of these 3 guys.. All the blowing (of saliva) to blow out the candles... it must have been an added treat to the yummy cake!

Paper: Scenic Route - Green floral, Hambly Studios - Screen Prints chic circles
Embellishments: Stamps from my nice collection, Ribbons from my yummy collection, , 7gypsies - 97% Complete Remember Rappeler stickers, buttons from dd's mom & Sohpia


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Sophia said...

Great job on the LO! I love it!!! Yay!!! Do one for me leh.... =P