28 OCT 2008 Work Day 1 @ Jakarta

So does this tell you how much I hated to wake up? Hahaha... I was still in sleep mode. Jakarta & Spore 1 hour difference.. Yawn, and I didn't sleep a wink last night. I was half watching Harry Porter when I slept and it's still the same Harry Porter when I woke up. (wondering why they played the same movie twice on the same night...) Ha.

Lunch was at this place I went before with our sales people and management.. This time I could find what I liked to eat. But they mainly are eggs. Cos they aint spicy. (P/S: the mango juice is really amazing. I could go there again.. haha..) Maybe if tomorrow I can take some pictures, I will show you.. The whole table is filled with food.. (Not 1 layer of plates but can be as much as 3 layers!) Then you just choose what you like to eat and pay.. I heard each plate is around 15000 rupiah... That's S$2.50 per plate. Hmmz. But there were some cow intestines that irritated me alot. ARGH....

Finally, can go back hotel after a long rushy day... I wana go to my new room! And yesh.. it's the ladies' floor. At least the room is to my liking now! I will sure thank them for it! It's gorgeous! (Ok lah, not very fantastic but at least liveable for 1 week.) The colour is extremely comfortable... It helped me ease the pain of not being home..

Dinner was quite stressful, since most of it was thinking of work... Haiz.. But still at least I got to speak to dd for awhile..

There's also something wierd that I drank.. Dunno what it is, but I doubt I will drink it again...

The time seems to pass slower here.. But alas, I need to wake up earlier..

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