30 OCT 2008 Work Day 3 @ Jakarta

As the day passes, I am getting more and more lethargic.. Haiz. But work never finishes.. my camera doesn't stop clicking... So I still can update my days here! woohoo! How long since your last AandW meal? I missed those curly fries and root beer float! Haha, I think the agents were pretty surprised to see me enjoying the AandW so much.. I had to explain to them that there is no more AandW in Spore...

Sadly, I had food poisoning aft dinner with e agents @ Sarina, a shopping centre in Jakarta (similar to Metro). I went back to hotel with a slight headache, but it became worst shortly... Then it turned from bad to worst, and eventually I was hugging the basin while sitting on the toilet bowl. (Ermz, ok information overloaded.. LOL!)

As such my night was 90% spent in the toilet... :(

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