14 April 2009 Pencil Lines #130

Inspired by Pencil Lines #130

I don't exactly know if I have much more studying times with them, and they proved to be hell of good friends.. Even when I am sad, they can sense it without me saying anything. Mind you, they've only known me for so long...

Just scrapping photos that they've sent to me after much urging! haha... I am on scrapping itch and before this there weren't too many pictures. Anyway now I have TONNES to scrap! Wooohhooo!

Make the most of the journey, we only walk this path once. Grab the opportunities and treasure the chances. Good luck, my friend and good brother!

Mindy Terasawa -sonoransunrise [DesignerDigitals]
Lynn Grieveson_top-world-kit [DesignerDigitals]
Digital LO Template Pencillines Sketch 130

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