15 Sept 08 Smile (Pink Sketches #5)

I've done this for Pink Sketches #5, I love this week's sketch! The part i love most => the magical touch & I love their smiles!

I couldn't help but feel alot towards this picture. Daddy's touch were always so magical, they make every soul melt. Dad has always been around for me whenever I feel so out or down, and he always makes me smile even when the whole world turns their back on me. He has been a gentle yet firm dad to me, teaching me all the necessities to survive in this world... Now, he extends his love towards my cousin's son.. How magical, he makes him smile and it's as if they are having a very personal yet happy conversation. The smile from bb tells everything about my dad's touch.

These were the hands which held me close & made me smile. Now they are your source of magical smiles...

Maya Road Office Sheers, KCK silk flower embellishments, MM mini shimmer alpha, Autumn Leaves Speciality Paper (Cuteworld boy), KI memories Glitter shimmer cardstock, Hambley screenprints, 7gypsies journal stickers

Most of all, I love my DAD!

Thanks for looking!

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