5 Jul 2009 Jakarta Day 1

Here's me in jakarta yet again. haha but the photos have to be updated after I return to Singapore. That's cos I've forgotten my card reader... haha.... I'll see if the office has any card reader i can borrow or if there is one at the hotel's internet cafe.

My flight was supposed to be 1240 hours but when I reached the airport, the flight was delayed to 1305 hours. Well, at least that gave me some time with dd. However, the flight was further delayed on plane and when the plane finally took off it was nearly 1420 hours. Irritating, but the plane had to wait for some transit passengers. The flight should take an hour or so to reach Indonesia, but food would be served. As usual, I didn't sleep since there was food and it was pointless to sleep for half hour then wake up for food.. It'd be groggy. However food was served 10 minutes before landing! Very disappointed with SQ~

Long queues at Indonesia customs as usual, it was another hour plus before I finally got out after taking my luggage. So it was 1600 hours out at the Indonesia airport, and reached hotel at 1700 hours. At the hotel, it was all great to be rested.

My Indonesia friend came to pick me up for dinner. We went to this place called Muara Karang, originally intended for massage + dinner, but ended with dinner only cos there were at least 50 people in queue for the massage! haha. We had ramen at this place called Mame (Modern Japanese Cuisine) at Pluit Junction, and sorry dd, you weren't here but I had scallops in mayo + cheese + crab meat~ and honestly, the pictures will make u drool. haha.

But it isn't all about fun here in Indo. My stress will start tomorrow at the hospitals and office, and I've had the past few hours rummaging through and making sure everything is in place.

Of course, the TV - Wimbledon 2009 between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. Final Scores : 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14. What a match! 4hours worth of dramatic action! haha.

It's high time I retired for the night, hope tomorrow would be a smooth day~

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