7 Jul 2009 Jakarta Day 3

Today a whole car load of 6 engineers + 1 driver came to fetch me to Mayapada, the journey took an hour. After moving the items to the new endoscopy room, we finally could start the installation.

Lunch was at this village kind of place, will upload to show you how rundown it looks. Surprisingly, the food was fabulous and it had my favourite mango juice & potato. I was kinda sceptical about eating it at first though....

There was a lot of moving today, installation with faulty equipments due to transportation was irritating, it's just the culture of the country.

I had a long day at work, but after work, my Indonesia friend called me and asked if I'd like to try some massage in Indonesia. How could I reject? haha... So the appointment was set at 930pm.

In the meantime, I had to have some food and therefore walked to this place called Happy Day. Honestly, it really made my day. This place housed some bits of my memories. Good food, great iced cappucino. Fish & Chips in Spore cant compare to this succulent fish with crispy skin.

Anyway, the massage in Indonesia is just only so-so. But for 1.5 hours massage, 75,000 rupiah = S$11.78, it's sorta ok lah. haha, how to get 1.5 hours of massage for S$12 in Spore?

I got back pretty early tonight, it's time to sleep. Tomorrow is public holiday in Jakarta. I'll be working in hotel.

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