9-10 Jul 09 Jakarta Day 5 & 6

Hooray! I am back! There wasn't really much events yesterday except that work as usual, but hey I am BACK to Spore!

I'm so glad that I've landed for some obvious reasons.

1. I need to sleep properly.
2. I missed my family, friends and dd!
3. There was quite bad air tubulence on the aeroplane, so much so I held on to my seat belt. I aint really comfy with flights, still getting the nervousness....

But I think I spent too much time in the airport, reaching there at 5pm (my flight was at 815pm) Indo time. haiz. In the end, shop and shop, and bought a baggy. haha... Then sat at Starbucks, nearly rotted there.

Now that I am back, there's lots to catch up with. These few days will need super catching up. Having my exams on Monday. Need to do a LO. Finishing up my nephew's jacket (seems like a bit big leh... hahaha....)

Well, I'm glad to be back!

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