12 Nov 2009 Bento Creations

Been feeling motherly and childish at the same time recently haha.... Therefore decided to pack my own lunch n dinner esp on days I've school... Here're my creations... And to be frank I was skeptical abt preparing something edible... Lol..

My Miffy lunch bag...

Lunch on Tuesday 10/11/09
My very first Bento... Of cos it must be doraemon!
Yummy? Haha.. Actually I m not a fabulous cooker so I m very excited that it turned out suitable fr consumption of humans... Special thanks to Huili who had to answer my 101 questions n reassuring me that it wasn't hard chore... Also introducing me to such a wonderful video that can't go wrong... I was lazy to fry the tuna lol so u can tell it's my creation yah? Haha... Ham n crabmeat... Lol!

                              Miffy dinner on Tues 10/11/09           Lunch on Wed 11/11/09

I made some Korean seasoned spinach.. Hey following the recipe isn't that hard afterall!
11/11/09 Dinner

There u see it, my dinner during my breaktime, no more mac fr me... Horrible n sinful! Haha... I m not too into the monopoly game lol.. So there! I will share more of my menu today later on... Gonna zzz fr tomorrow's repair deadline else I'm really dead. Gd nite everyone!

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