02 Jan 2010 A Word

I've been in many ways amazed at the works and simplicity in Ali Edwards' works, as with many scrappers out there I suppose. I was just browsing her blog again and found something really interesting. As I go on with my 1 word each month, I guess I will use the Word of the Year Discovery Tool to get me going. Of course, people are using it for a bigger picture - Year. But I am one lazy person here... So adjusting myself once per month sounds like a great idea. LOL.

And so while I am blogging here today, I am still making my diary.. I've got some ideas to continue.. Hahaha. Which explains why I am still blogging and not sleeping. Then again, tomorrow later is Sat so I guess sleeping in wont hurt. Hahaha.

Just made something for my Xmas album just now. It's gonna be the name of the album since it's the name that my best friend Jaze came up with. I've tried playing with glitters and glossy accents. Hahaha. At least there is the snowflake effect that I dreamt of last night.... Hahaha.

So yah, I've been trying my hand on the Xmas album. Just got the sheets from MWL today... And the photos already edited. Hopefully my mental block opens up soon so that I can get my hands busy with the album soon.

In the meantime.... My diary cover....

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