07 Jan 2010 Day 5 & 6

It's 40 minutes past 9am now. I cant wait for lunch time, working seems to be dragging me down. But hey, everyone has something to say about their job heh. I cant wait for the day to be over. Been having a scrap block recently. The colours dont seem to match, or the photos and the LO doesn't seem to match. Watch out, I'll be having a mismatched layout soon enough. Hahaha, that can be considered as "it's my style" too right?

Been so busy at work these days that I haven't managed to send my photo of the day to my blog. It's bugging me. So here I am spending this precious 15mins while the morning buzz is still continuing around me at work.

05 Jan 2010

Why not celebrate the day with the job on hand? It might not be of any significance to anyone else, but it is to me. It's what I do and what I wanted to do all my life. So here's the insight of what I do as a biomedical engineer.

06 Jan 2010

Was seated in my buddy's car yesterday on the way home... Saw this very nice patch of clouds and wanted to take a photo but heck, his car is one hell of a turbo car. LOL. Cant get the focus. But then when I reviewed the pictures yesterday, this photo looks fine to me. Doesn't matter whether it focus or not. It tells me how sad I am to let my buddy go to Thailand (permanently) yet also telling me that though the future is bleak, there is more to come. So yes, this is my photo of yesterday.

On another note, perhaps I'd like to remind YY... I need something from you remember? Hahaha. Yah and in any case, today's thursday. Hope you enjoy your thurs-fri-sat 3am show. LOL.

Having shared my photos of the day, I think I better get back to another bugging matter - my repair. Due date is tomorrow. I am not even halfway there... LOL...

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