07 Jan 2010 In Search

Since I had the time, why not go in seek of new ideas?

My first stop was to Beads Workshop. Actually I was looking for some charms for my album... Haben met the right one yet, hence was just browsing on the web and chanced upon this website. Since I was still in search of the right charm (and I could also do with more charms to add to my collection), I decided to go down and have a look. Honestly, you need to control yourself when you are there.. Haha. Here's my stash.

And then I just started finding my way from Bencoolen St to Marine Parade - Howard's Storage World (which isnt very convinient actually.) Actually I was in search of some shelves for my room and ways to store my SB supplies efficiently. Any ideas? Here's what I liked...

I love browsing bookshops and furniture shops. Honestly I dont know why either. I am thinking of Ikea tomorrow. After school starts, I wont have the luxury. :P

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