11 January 2010

09 Jan 2010 Darren Bdae Party @ GoGoBambini

I couldn't believe my eyes, experiencing a world of child's joys and nothing else. Darren had his birthday party held at Go Go Bambini, a playground for the kids. Honestly, if you have kids, do reward them with a trip there. You wont be disappointed. Link here.

As usual I began snapping away... Hahaha. But before I even started, I was lured by the cupcakes that stood in the middle of the party! hahaha. Here are some of the pictures I took. First displaying my favourite take of the day....


Yesh, I had fun, and even after returning home, I just wanted to take more pictures. Hence did it at home. Hahaha. Here's a picture that I love....

How has your weekends been? It's been busy, but worthwhile weekends... I love weekends, who doesn't?

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