1 Jan 2010 Happy New Year!

It's the beginning of a new year! Amazing time passes by so quickly, and we're moving into 2010 today!

Basically I decided to start my year with brand new inspirations and directions. Hence, for the past few days of being homebound, I've came up with some ideas to keep my inspirations and directions in place.

1. Diary
Well, I still have the old habit of writing. Be it on my photos or on scraps of paper, I still do it the old fashion way. For the last year, I started this 4x6 album that erm, was filled with pieces here and there. LOL. But considering I do have a lot of words, this album housed my most brillant memories of the year. So for 2010, the same thing comes into place. And because this album can be almost any theme, this suits me pretty well. Hahaha, being a Gemini really comes into play here. I change my favourite colours like 10 times a year. I wonder how I kept being in love with my dd for 2 + long years. Hmz. Anyways here's an insight of the album... I haven done much to the exterior of the album since I didn't know what would suit my mood for the rest of the year, but I think I'll start dreaming of some ideas for 2010...

2. 12 words in 365 photos
Last year, I started with a photo + a word a day. But failed terribly. In fact mine lasted for 1 month. What the heck. I blame this on Gemini again. LOL. Well, I'm starting this again!!!! Inspired by my dear Leena. (I've to say I absolutely loved her creations and her brillant use of techniques!!!) Do take a look at her blog and be INSPIRED!

So there. I'm starting this all over again. Don't ask me what I did last year. I started out with the intention of getting a photo + word a day so that at the end of the year, I could do a year in review for myself. (And hopefully housing something that would drive my dd to tears.) But hahaha. It sort of RIP.

Knowing how hard this is going to be for me (due to my incredible laziness.).... There will be a word a month. That's the keyword I use for the pictures in the month. Then I am going to set aside the last day of the month to come up with the monthly review. LOL. So at least if I cant keep it up, every month end it's gonna haunt me. So every last day of the month, I'll spend it sorting out all the pictures! I'm thinking of using zutter for every month, let's see how it goes...

Here's my photo of the day. Taken exactly at midnight... So i suppose this is the photo of TODAY right? Every year it has been a tradition since dd brought me to view this splendid action 2 years back. Side by side. So loving. hehehe. *blush* And since then, even if he is not around, this is what I usually do....

And my word of the month :

3. LO of the month
I've always been saying this. But somehow, I spend 3 months with one layout. Hahaha. Procrastination. So there, with the new layout of my room (I'll get it posted as soon as I clear out the rest of the rubbish...) and with that scrap corner looking right into my eyes. I believe I can get something out? Hahaha.

4. Give
This year, I'm very upset by the plight of some children. And the more I see those pictures and understand the situation of these children, the more determined I am to help them. I am currently keeping a 20% rule. So for whatever I spend on that day, I'll throw in 20% to the love loaf. So in a way I do hope to help these children in the littlest way that I can afford to do so. I know it might not be a very huge amount, but maybe it can really buy that bit of warmth for these children like clothes and food.

Anyways this year, I've collaborated with my cousins to donate some of our toys and stuff. Honestly I only know it's meant for some children but I really dunno where. LOL. If you are keen on this, please leave a comment and I can pick them up for the donation drive. (more details to follow when I make the exact enquiries.)

5. Photography
Well. I am intending to pick up photography. But have no idea where how and when. Since my dad got me my first sony camera, I've been snapping here there everywhere. Hahaha. And it did not help when my dd got a semi-pro camera. Hahaha. I've been trying out the aperture and shutter since then. LOL. Now I am still stuck between a few options. Olympus or Canon? I liked the EP2 and the 4/3 series for Olympus... But my friends say Canon is better.... LOL. I'll pick up the photography skills first then decide on the type of camera that suits me.... If you have any idea where and how I can pick this up, please tell me! :)

5 is a good number, I love this number. So these are the 5 things I would love to complete this year. Knowing that I've set my directions is great. But fulfilling it is another. Haha. So do pop by and haunt me with reminders of my 5 things in 2010!

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Leena said...

Hi Stacy, thanks for popping by my blog! Good to hear you're continuing your photo-a-day project. I'm sure you'll be able to pull this through well. Just remember, it's the effort that matters, the no. of photos you take doesn't matter. :) If you need to polish your photography skill, practice as much as you can. There's a brilliant site where you can learn is called 'DPS' and you can find the link at the sidebar of my blog. Sign up for the newsletter & you'll get regular updates. Have a great year ahead!