You just need a good photographer.

Honestly, I just wanted to capture some parts of me that I can show to my children in future when I am older. Another very important reason was to show my DH that this WAS the person he fell in love with at that point in time. Uh hem, just in case he regretted the marriage at any point in time. hahaha.

Yesh, it did not matter what you wear and how you look. LOL. And that was the effort of a very talented photographer - Kai Lian. So.. I had the chance of re-meeting Kailian after 8 years. Kailian was my secondary school friend and we re-met through a girl guides outing. I am really happy.

We went to several places, and the most amazing place was the lallang place... I didn't know that there were such places in the first case! I was really glad she was taking the pictures... They meant a lot to me...

Through dinner, I was even more amazed and glad. There are a few things we spoke of.
1. Saga seeds and saga tree
2. She's the one who always pours Chilli into the macoroni soup at sch canteen (I finally found out who!!!!)
3. Mee Hoon Kuey at 201 Tamp.

I feel happy. These are memories I love. Stories I wana tell.
Thanks Kailian, for the wonderful day....
And ++ thanks for her, for uploading this picture first on FB to clear that itch... :)

Boy, I am definitely itching to learn more photography......

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