CNY Day 1

Happy CNY & Vdae to one and all! Today's the special day of love so let's spread the love to our relatives and friends on this very rare ocassion to mark.

For me the day ended in tears. I know, CNY is supposed to be happy and all.. But for me it ended badly. Let's go through the happy events first.

Day 1 means going to the Si Ma Lu Temple to bai bai... As always, we will go there before visiting my grandma... Super crowd with lots of people pushing and shoving.... Waaah, my poor brother got scalded slightly with a falling inscense.

Grandma's house was filled with all my uncles and aunties... I love to see the crowd and of course, the best part had to be my cousins! Here's another good part - I get to see my nephew Ying Heng... Love him to bits!


Isn't he adorable? There's also the cousins... We didnt have much pictures today, but I will take more tomorrow! :)

This is what I call some very serious discussion table. Cluttered with the cousins.. :)

Next stop: DD Hse. A very formal bai nian... And Auntie showed me her wedding photos! Though it was black and white, she really wore a damn nice wedding gown... Now I am thinking... LOL!

And being the first day of CNY, we usually go to my mom's big sister place. A big gathering of all the aunties and cousins... Xiuyun (my cousin) got a Canon DSLR!!! Wah.. and there we were taking photos especially on our dear cousin Lynn... She's amazing and honestly, I dont know how to put that in words but hey.. Lynn... I really pei fu your confidence! And keep it that way cos it's you! :) We love it!

Today I met dylan for the very first time. It's weiling's 2nd son. :) Very handsome and cute... I was kinda sad that I didnt get to carry him... And of cos his elder brother whom I love because he's very handsome! (I still wana book him... Hey if next time I get a daughter, then can match make them anot? Wahahahaha)

And I got some very wonderful shots of the brothers... Coupled with the sisters (Xiuyun, Me & Vivian... We form the DO-RE-MI of the family).... the pretty ladies of the family... The aunties.... etc....

I remembered taking and reviewing all those shots. My photo a day had worked wonderfully.

Then, as I got home to upload the photos in FB... That was the shock.

I don't know how to end my day in words. I guess that should tell you how I feel. Seeing that on my screen. It just pains me so much so my tears just fell..............

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