CNY Day 2

As usual, more visiting today - 1st & 2nd Uncle's house, and also Aunt Diana hse.... Well, since I am cantonese... I usually call my uncles dai bak & yi bak.... :) So I shall stick to that.

Photos paint a thousand words... Here goes the photos (Beware.... it's quite heavy loaded... hahaha!)
My cousin Cheewai, who is of the same age as me, but popped out from his mom's tummy 3 months earlier than me... :P And of course, my dearest grandma!
I won't miss a chance to take photos with my grandma too!
This is my sei sok.. (4th uncle) The most studious one in the family.. Someone that dotes on my grandma alot... And definitely one of my favourite uncles! (erm... I've got total 4 uncles. And all 4 are my favourite uncles for some reason or another... hahahhaaha!)
My Dai Bak (1st Uncle)'s pet.... And it glows!!!
Moving onto Yi Bak's Hse (2nd Uncle)... Gathering at the table talking to each other... I love seeing mom getting along with them like that.. Looks good... :)
This looks like the gambling gang... Wahahaha... I don't remember what they were doing... But my Mm Sok (5th Uncle) will kill me for posting this picture... LOL....
Another favourite uncle... My Yi Bak! He used to dote on me alot... Someday I'd still want him to carry me like he used to when I was a kid... :) Muahahaha. 
My grandma loves her... My Yi Bak Leong (2nd Aunt)... I love her too... Always smiling... I see her and I feel happy... :)
Sei Sok's youngest son... Andre... It's very rare to capture that smile on his face... He always shuns my camera! :)
My nephew Ying Heng... He was playing with me before I managed to take out my camera... Everyone loves him! :)
Last but not least. The cousins + nephew galore! I think this photo would be my next scrap piece... :) I love it!!! This is our very first, full scale all in photo... *love*love*love*

Day 2 ended with smiles. I love the pictures today. Tomorrow I'll try to get my grandma to take photos with all my uncles and aunties... :)

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