MWL Decorate the notebook Challenge (May 2010)

This has been something I wanted to do for a very long time but procrastinated until my note book is already half filled. LOL. All these while, I've been having this note book to jot down ideas or challenges, coupled with knitting information and other useful crafting inspirations. Well, it's half filled now, but the cover has yet been decorated. I've even drawn ideas of the cover page, but it just never got done. Now, seeing the challenge, has gotten me started on this project - finally. More details of the challenge on forum.

MWL May Challenge
All the little things I draw, I sketch, inspired, love, want to do... They're all in this little notebook.
Even the sketch for this notebook cover, which I've wanted to do for so long.
Finally, I get down to doing it. And in the midst, I nearly died when my sewing machine went "tak tak tak" in a slow motion... Time for sewing machine servicing...

Honestly I ain't too good with the sewing part. And honestly, I hate the sewing part. However, I manage to think of how to sew up the cover with a little cushion... it feels good to hold this now in my hands.
And I did learn something new, fabric glue is very durable on fabric. LOL. Ok, i did know that, but I re-confirmed it during this project. :)

Mainly cosmo cricket's collection
Hambly screenprint
Flowers from prima marketing
buttons/ribbons my own collection.

I must practise more on my sewing! Hehehe...

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Yin said...

OOOo i love this Stacy. So your fabric choice too.