Bdae Card for Serene

Inspired by ICS Sketch 69, I was happy and delighted to make this card for Serene, one of my dear colleagues. And I must say that I had great fun trying to incorporate some techniques in this card as well.

Card Front

I love the part on the weaving of the fabric for the base, and the cutting of that little girl reading a book.
You see, Serene always asks me to help her get some books online, hence the icon is symbolic... Very apt for the card... I've also stamped the happy birthday repeatedly on the left to create a border.


Inside, I decided to make a spiral card for her. As the card opens, the note in the middle will spin. It's hard to describe it in words, so I'm trying to upload a clip for this part. *cross fingers* hope it works. hahaha.

I had fun! Hope Serene would like it... Her BBQ's on this sat, so I guess I'll pass to her then...

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