ICS Sketch #70 - Father's Day Card 2010

This father's day I've decided to make a simple card for my dad. Actually I wanted to bring him out on a dinner. But he has to travel to Thailand today hence we've postponed the dinner treat until he returns. I gonna miss him all over again. I am quite close to my dad you see...

Here's the card inspired by ICSketches.

So there, the card accompanied by the bag with a tie. But I did learnt one thing, origami (for the tie) doesn't go well with the thicker papers. Hahaha.

IC Sketches has again saved me by giving me great inspirations! :)

I used an embellishment as a holder for my tag.

My dad bought me this chinese name chop long time ago in China. This is my most favourite stamp of all...

I added this tag that says LOL on the front. Most of us probably think that it's laugh out loud. I think so too. But there was this one day on MSN (yesh, my father is on MSN, isn't he great?!) and I was in Indonesia.
I started talking to him and accidentally used the acronym LOL. You see, these acronyms are not father-friendly at all. Hahaha. And my dad did ask me - "What is LOL? lots of love?"
There you go. This is my father's definition of LOL. Not entirely wrong. :)

My dad must be the best thing I ever had in my life.

Daddy - something I never used to call him
Dah Di - something I always use to call him.

[Movie clip of the card to be added later. Pssss. Still unloading.]

***[Movie Updated]***

Happy Father's Day.
I want you to know that you're the best dad in the world and you're all I ever needed. Thank you for always being there for me.

LOL, Ger.

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