Sewing Kit

I've been doing a lot of sewing recently. Not exactly good at it, but I'm practicing as I go along. A month ago, I decided I really needed a sewing bag to bring out... LOL. And it was done within 2days. Not so bad considering that I'm a big procrastinator... Hehehe.. But I only took the photos today.. Wahahaha.

Here's my sewing kit...
This is the exterior of it. Honestly, I fell in love with this canvas fabric the first time I saw it. And I know this is what I'd like to use for the sewing kit. Then, I matched this canvas with the rest of the cloth. The rest of the cloth are all from my own collection, some of them salvaged from scraps. Like I mentioned, I like to make use of some form of scraps in any of my projects, else I'll be piling up a lot of scraps at home.

And some close-ups of the interior as well. Actually, this project really tested me on my sewing as my sewing machine "fell ill" halfway through!!!

So there, just sharing what I made recently.. I'm happy but my mom isn't. bc the room is in a huge mess... Time to pack things up... hahaha..

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