ICSketches #76 JAST

It has been a roller coaster week this week. I got to know that I was selected as part of the wonderful team in ICS, and it's still bringing me smiles even up to now. And I've been hardworking making new cards and LOs. :)

Just yesterday though, the hospital gave me a call. My grandmother was admitted into A&E after an accident in my cousin's car. She was hit on the right cheek, apparently due to some impact and there was extreme bleeding and swell. Then everything else is in a swirl. I reached the hospital in 10minutes. The doctor and nurses did not allow me to go and see my grandmother, and somehow I managed to sweet talk through the barriers. Honestly, I nearly did not recognise my own grandmother. Her face swelled that much that I was unable to recognise her. Since she was eating a medicine that dilutes her blood, she has low amounts of platelets. Hence, the clotting was slow, causing huge amounts of swell due to internal bleeding. But the good news was that there were no fractures, and I'm glad to know she will recover in good time.

Now, I'm thinking - How do I let my dad know with the least amount of shock? I haven't mentioned anything to my dad yet, who is currently working overseas.

On a lighter note, I've created an LO based on ICSketches #76. Maybe I should be placing that online 2 days back, but I hadn't had any time.
I was inpired by the round clock, and the circle in the sketch. So it wasn't really difficult to put the pieces together. :)
So here goes:
Pardon me for the lack of lighting, I simply didn't have enough time.
But I still love the muted feel - It really feels like Jaze & I have known each other for an eternity life. She's my soul mate, someone I cant do without. And I think we must be related in our last lifes.

JAST = Jaze + Stacy
Jaze, thanks for being such a wonderful & supportive friend.


Dianna said...

Beautiful layout! Congratulations on becoming a party of the ICS DT! Thoughts & prayers go out to you & your grandmother for a speedy recovery!


Jessica T said...

Wow stunning LO! Congrats on making the DT how exciting! and Hope your Grandmother gets better soon xx