ICS Sketch #85 - For my Best Friend

It's already Sketch #85 at ICS! How time flies! This week we have Fairy Knoll who is no stranger to us, sponsoring this week's prize. Please join us at ICS this week, this sketch is so fun! 

I was inspired to make a card for my best friend, because I have not seen her for a very long time, and the minute I saw the sketch, I went like - I would love to have a post card for her!

Here's my take:
So, which part of the card resembles the sketch? I know... The top part doesn't look like...
Please check out the inside!

So does this look more like the sketch? :) Right from the first glance I saw this sketch, I knew this is what I would do!

The pull out tag on the right pulls the front cover of the card open and uniquely displays the inside of the card. I love this sketch, because I know I don't need any lengthy paragraphs to tell my best friend how much I missed her or how many things have happened. She'll know. :)

Hope you like it and do join us at ICS for a whole load of fun!


madscrapper said...

How do you do the pull tag to make it open like that??

Stacy said...

Sorry! - I thought I did reply you! Only to find out much later that I didn't!

Here's the link from where I picked up the info for this mechanism:


Sorry once again!