2 heartfelt and simple cards

I promised to show the cards I made yesterday... Honestly, they're kept simple because they're meant for more senior "friends" of mine...

First is a card for my grandma. I am quite close to her, although I don't live with her, but somehow I feel her importance to me every single day.. I kept the insides blank because I supposed she'll read chinese more than English so gonna practise my chinese handwriting before I put that in.. Haha!

I finally got my stamp from TGF! This has been all along in my mind, hence when the stamp arrived and the FFF sketch posted, I went like - hooray!

I think my grandma would like it.. She's a simple woman.. I cant wait to print some chinese in the card...

Paper- EP (life is good-set the table)


And next is for my aunt. She's a wonder lady. I say that because she works in the morning, goes to my grandma place every single day without fail, takes care of her family and grandson in the evening before she finally watches her favorite dramas till wee hours... Haha.. She's a darling really!

This sketch from mo's challenge really got me going!

It's so simple, and that means multiple ways of interpreting it..

Paper- basic grey (Capella-dolce, puccini)

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