Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, I've got no posts scheduled, and all I wanted to do is to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a very fulfilling time for the weekend leading to Valentine's Day.

We had a cousins gathering in conjunction to our Chinese New Year celebrations, and now we have a new member added to the gang! I think we ought to think of a below 16 activity to include the rest of the gang!

Here's our "happening" photos..
Our youngest and newest member to the gang - he's a natural at pool!

On the contary, the oldest. Hahaha...

With a failed attempt! - Great photo Jank!

Perfect Style!

The Professional!

The Group Photos... 
The Pool Gang!

We were using this burst function from Jank's camera!

The Guys...

The pretty Gals!


And of a failed attempt at trying to fit the burst function of Jank's camera.
She defines this as a failed Kallang Wave... Hahaha!

 The Sweet Moments...
The day ended with sweet treats!

Of course it's sweet treats because Joanne fed me with ice-cream! Awwwww... Isn't she sweet?

And so I did have some lovey-dovey time with my cousins, and I cant wait to plan another of such outing again! Hehehe!

And on another note, I received a little surprise from my dd...

He came to meet me for dinner and we had an absolutely sumptous dinner at the coffee shop downstairs my house. Well, it wasn't really expensive or romantic, but I haven't seen my dd for a week already. So his presence made me felt happy...

And here comes the surprise!

Awww. My dd actually remembers that I adore tulips!
Thank you darling for the extra effort! :)

Here's my account of a well spent weekend leading to Vdae, how about yours? On this special day, do remember to wish your family and friends and share the joys of this day.

To all my blog friends, hope you have a well spent Vdae with either your friends or family or sweetheart! :)

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