AR Class: Vintage Tale

Currently this is yet another favorite of mine. Though the preparation work can be as tedious as starburst (maybe more?!), I enjoyed every minute of it... Plus the additional help rendered by Don, I really appreciate it! Those chipboards ain't laughing matter! :)

When I did this box, I knew it had to incorporate my signature... Hence the book. This meant a lot to me as it was done with my grandmother in mind and something I'd like to hold and keep all the memories of her. I will be keeping a diary of her, with her photos in it so that I can tell a vintage tale for my children in future. Jean has really done a fascinating job with the name!!

In all, I'm pleased with how this turned out and I'm already on the next box. Maybe it'll be a class, maybe not. Haha so just watch this space, while I try my best to update as frequent as I can! :)

Do check out the schedule for this class. Last I heard, we're having one last class slots. :)

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Pearl said...

Hey , grll! It was my first time passing thru AR yesterday afternoon! Dang!! Otherwise I would have spent more time looking at yr creations!!!!way to go teaching now!!