Rainy Days makes the best creative days

Well Sunday has been an awfully rainy day in Singapore. The roads were wet and the sky keeps dropping little droplets of water that appears like splashes to me. It's such a day I refrain from walking out of my house, to avoid the rain and to avoid getting sick.

I'm pleased to announce that my Starbucks Peppermint Mocha accompanied me for most parts of my works! Haha. Really sinful but it only happens in nov/dec! Oh well, I did go out for dinner and for my peppermint mocha, all the rain is worth it! Hehe!

While drinking my favourite drink, I was able to slowly but surely complete 3 christmas gifts for very special people. LOL! Watch this space soon, I'll disclose it very soon!

Oh well, the main thing was the embarkment on a creative journey. Haha with the materials that I have at home and trying to make something old become something new. Most of you would have known me to be a Doraemon freak. And yes I am. I must have 101 (ok this is an over estimate but nearly there!) Doraemon casings since my first handphone. With the iPhone 4, I've been collecting and using Doraemon casings since the start.

The old ones are really old. The paint has gone off and maybe there were spots in the places where it should have been white. But I did not bear to throw these casings out. Hence on this day, I've decided to let them re-live their lives and as glamourous as they might be now, I'm still not bringing them out in case I damaged it! :p

Here's the new re-born, attached with what might have been a million Swarovski crystals painstakingly. I'm quite pleased with these!

I had fun with it, but will need to continue on the preparation work for my next 2 classes - vintage tale & woody splendor. More die-cuts and template drawing now! :)


Marcelle said...

Hi Stacy,
How is your Nana today? I hope she is getting well and thanks God she has you to take care of her with so much love... scrap a nice photo and show us you two together.
You are my fave designer in AR, I love your mini books.
My daugther is coming back to Singapore next month and I will have the chance again to have one more class with you soon.
Cheers Dear,

Stacy said...

Thanks marcelle, my grandmother is currently still on the recovery road, she is now 82, hence recovery is quite slow, we dont know what to expect each day as well. But she is loved and I do hope to see her as well as before soon..

I was intending to do some LO on her, but just have not found the right feel... but im sure it'll be soon! :)

Yay! I would love to see you back for another class, and I love having you so much in the class! Till then, let's keep in touch!