Double Coptic Binding Notebooks

Today I woke up early and had breakfast with my family. Kind of tiring, considering that I volunteered to go to the temple with them and having to wait for them for an hour. But I guess it was sort of a family event... Picked up a brochure at the temple indicating the fortune process of the 12 symbolic animals in the year of 2012. Quite interesting to know that my fortune is still as bad. haha, guess this year's going to be another hard year for me. Will need to make some more trips for prayers this year.

Since the double coptic book binding technique class earlier this week, I've started to make another 2 books. Just thought I would make some extra books for decorating later on. 
Here's the first one:

Marcelle, does this pattern paper look familiar? It belonged to the same set that you used for your notebook. And I decided to make use of the scraps to complete this notebook. Barely enough! Hehe... Anyways I used leather thread on this notebook. Slightly thicker, and the stitches are more obvious.
Cover: Pion Design Patterned Paper

I might have spent a little more effort on the second one. Here's the completed book:

Included dividers within the pages and stamped randomly with my newly purchase stamp. Rounded the corners on this book, on a very random feel. haha...
Cover/Dividers: Basic Grey Patterned Paper
Stamp: Hero Arts "Newspaper Eiffel Tower"

Can't wait to sit down and decorate these books. It's really relaxing to stitch these books. I've spent an hour on both books. A quality hour indeed. I think I will be making more of these with different stitches soon.

It's nearly lunch hour now, so I've got to move myself outside to help my mother now. Plus I won't want to miss the date with my DOD (Dear Old Dad) - we are going car washing! I still hand wash my Little Red, so might as well spend some time with my DOD since he is too... Hahaha. Trust me, it's fun~

A simple lifestyle like this is so enjoying~

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