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Alrights I am back. With a new blog theme and new layout, but the author writing all these is pretty much the same. Except maybe with a little more knowledge with XML or HTML. haha. Basically I aint a very bright child when it comes to programming in all sorts of languages. I even had to seek help from a friend in order to do up my programming project for me during poly days.. So you see? I did try to change the header width and certain post elements, together with the header which wasn't present in the original language that was written by this genius. So hey, that's something accomplished!

Apart from blog upgrading works, I've been busy at work. Recently there has been news of another workshop to provide repair services for another market. However, there also has been news of posting me to another section headed by another manager. Not that I mind the change of job scope. But I do mind being under some manager who doesn't have any technical background and does not behave in a way that staffs would respect him. And moving away from my current manager would be very very tough. Well, now I can only wait and see and negotiate whatever terms I can. Fingers crossed. I am physically and mentally tortured now.

School has started now with a great bang. Assignments due right after CNY, and  a whole load that is coming up in March. But I wont have long before I decided to take the electives, which would definitely be different from my friends. And that part is... I dont even want to think about then.

Recently, I've been reading a book called "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller, introduced by Ali Edwards. This book tells a lot about the kind of stories we live in, and what they mean. Honestly, I've not read such a good book for a long time. A book that kept me going, and wanting to know more. You can get this at Kinokuniya, Orchard. If you're really interested, and don't mind waiting until after CNY, you may get it from me. I never keep any of the books after I read. I sorta do book reviews for each book and then sell it out to people who wants to read it. Email me if you are keen on the book. (Email link on top or right sidebar below my profile picture.)

Have a great week people, and yeah, I'm still having fun with taking pictures everyday. They mark the story in my life. Are you on the same project? Leave a comment and let me know! :) And yesh, I've stepped out of my comfort zone using my sony point and shoot camera. It's the SP570UZ (Olympus) that I'm using now... Yes, I bring it out along with me wherever I go now. It's bulky but it's fun to tell a story of a year in my life in photos!

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Sindy said...

Hi I came across your blog while blog hopping and just want to say hi! Have fun with your camera and hope to see more of your pics! :)