Bee Mine Shadow Box + Capture & Cherish Everyday

Another inspiration from ICSketches. Did you already see it? They're calling out for DTs, just click on the link!

Oh how I love thee. Like the bees to the flower...

Oh I do love thee flower... 
The cutting was tedious, but trust me, the final piece is lovely.
It's meant to be in a shadow box, and can you believe me? I let my shadow slip out of my fingers and the glass shattered!!! The sweeping was one thing. The needing to go out for shopping is another. Hahaha that would mean more than necessary purchases. LOL!

Capture & Cherish Everyday - Diary Cover
I was inspired by this sketch to do a cover for my diary cover.

Love the effects, it's my first time doing layering and it looks successful! hahaha.
The vintage look on the cardboard alphas. I used my stamp pad to cover / paint, and after it dries, I used some crackle paint.. Did I tell you I've already bought my heat gun? Hehehehe. Love it. The crackling sound is so amazing! Hehehe. Afterwhich I added my favourite colour - gold. And I must say, a lot of work but satisfied with the results.
Keys are a very important part of my life.
Well I guess I love the overall!

I opted for using a ready made fabric 6by6 album, cos I love the colour of it and being fabric, it looks cleaner.
I also prefer my diaries to be separable. Being always on the move, it is easier to be able to do my diary inserts separately instead of bringing the whole diary album out. Unfortunately, I'll have to source for other covers soon. The above mentioned album has already stopped production, i think.

So there, hopefully everyone is enjoying their scrapping life, it's beautiful isn't it?

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