18 October 2010

Being happy

Hi there! Nope today I didn't have any crafting mood - not that I haven't been crafting but it hadn't been completed so really today I've got nothing to show. It's 2am local time but yet I'm unable to sleep. Geez, this might tell me how bad it'll be tomorrow at work...

In fact I slept in till 4pm today. It's been a long while since I allowed myself to sleep like this, but hey sometimes we do need rest right? :) and afterwhich I had dinner with my darling... It must be really happy because I haven't seen him for awhile and seeing him makes me feel so happy mostly because he was in a happy mood! Nothing could destroy my good mood, not even the spilt tea on my floor! Haha.. This time darling gave me a wonderful surprise-a necklace!

It's beautiful! Means I probably got something to scrap about now...

How did you spend your sunday? Hope it had been crafty and good! I'll be posting soon, hope my current project doesn't go wrong! Haha!

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1 comment :

Sandy Ang said...

Such a pretty, parkly 'sweetheart' of a gift.