7 Oct 08 Pendant Necklace

Well, I am stagnant. Now trying to draw speed-time graphs for my dear jonathan. Kinematics, anyone still remembers?


I've been trying out this new programme, and found it very very cool! You can try it for free here. And you can save it! Hohoho.. so cool. Credits to JAZE.

This pendant came from dd's mother who used to work in some fabric company. This was supposed to be a button.. I think for the indonesian style clothes. And since it looked so pretty, I decided to make it into a simple necklace... Just wore it out for 2 days and got pretty much comments on it.

The best one was this - my downstairs coffee shop uncle says that this must be the ma-shi (I have no idea what it is) and it's expensive stuff.. Haha.. What I never told him was it's plastic.. lol... He said it is very exquisite in Taiwan.. LOL.

Some friends told me that it looks pretty on me! haha... I know, I love this so much! more to come... haha, cos dd mom gave me quite alot. LOL. Thanks dd mom! So preettttyyyy! I like so much!

Well, lemmi see what I can come up with after my kids finish their exams. I've got crafting to do! Yippeee!


Alrights.. I think I should go back to Kinematics... LOL.

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