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Hello hello! I am posting as Made With Love DT today, sharing a stitched layout this time. It was Father's day yesterday, so today's post is really dedicated to my hero. Happy Father's Day, daddy! You are always my hero and first love *kisses*

When I started out this layout, I knew I wanted it to be in a geometrics theme. My dad is an engineer, he is also the one who had inspired me to be one. So when I laid eyes on Paige Evans' Pink Paislee Pick Me Up collection, I immediately got inspired by one of the papers.
Pink Paislee - Paige Evans - Pick Me Up Collection

What do you see from this paper? I literally saw diamonds jumping at me! So I took out my trusty scissors and immediately cut those shapes up, knowing they would well fit onto my layout. In addition, I did have them matted onto another pattern paper in the same collection just to give it a boost of contrast on the layout.

Oh, but I really had to add some more texture to the entire layout. Of course there had to be stitching! I decided to use another geometric design as the background, hence deciding to fill it up with a hexagonal/diamond pattern. Adding stitches adds a whole new dimension of texture and outlook to the entire layout, so I really love to add these stitches to my layouts.

Journal on your layouts! This is such an important part of layouts, but most commonly neglected. Most are afraid to write, but documenting memories really means recording the thoughts of the photo or layout. I use my trusted WRMK typecast for my journal purposes. It can take in 12" papers, and that is one big bonus for scrappers! In this case, I chose to cut them out in strips and adhered them with adhesive foam.

The title meant a lot to me. While acronyms are part of our lives, my father is trying to decipher the acronyms that commonly arise during our Whatsapp conversations. While the official meaning of LOL is "laugh out loud", my father really thinks otherwise. On one occasion, he asked what is the meaning of LOL, and he thought it was "lots of love"! Creative for sure! That is how LOL got its new definition and definitely something special between my dad and I.

To create the alphabets, I turned to my WRMK Mini Alphabet Punch! It provides me with easy access to title making, and also covers a good area on my layout, making it prominent.

I must say, I am really a fan of fussy cutting. I added dimensions on the diamonds with smaller diamond/triangle pieces from the same pattern paper. As the word fussy suggests, cutting papers in rough fashion, so there is really no stress about it. Trust me, even if there was an over-cut in the paper, no one will notice! That is really the beauty of scrapbooking!

Another element I love to add are vellum. They are translucent, so they create a whole new detail without over emphasis. To adhere, simply use glossy accents where the glue dries clear so the glue stains will not be apparent.

Nowadays, we are also lucky to be able to use foil and glitter paper onto our layouts! That little bit goes a long way, and it helps to highlight the details on our layouts!

Finally to complete the layout, I added some clear and blue dew drops. They fill up the empty spaces without over cluttering - that's why they are my favorite! (And I really must add, MWL has just recently stocked many different colors of dew drops!)

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there! Hope you have enjoyed the walk through of this layout! You can learn more about stitching on layouts at Made With Love, we have a new workshop "Stitch and Sew" coming right up in July!

Materials used are available at Made With Love.
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Supplies Used:
Pink Paislee - Paige Evans -
Pick Me Up Collection
WRMK Typecast
WRMK Mini Alphabet Punch
The Robin's Nest Dew Drops

Sizzix: LO | Paradise

Hello everyone! How has the summer been? It has been really hot in Singapore, and I really feel that the temperatures are hotter this year compared to the same time last year. I found myself crafting more during this time (and of course in an airconditioned craft room!)

However, I did spent some time on my birthday/ our wedding anniversary with my husband, walking down the beach in Sentosa before dinner. It had been a while since we last stepped foot in Sentosa, and it was a nice lazy afternoon walking along Palawan Beach.

As usual, I like to document the important events in my life, and this photo was one of those special memories. I could not feel like it was paradise, and this Sizzix die-cut - Tropical Bird #662544 immediately came to my mind!

This die is such a beauty. I love how it came about as 1 piece, yet allowing me to layer multiple die-cut pieces onto one another. For this layout, I have used several diecuts with different pattern papers / cardstocks.

One way of showing dimensions is to layer a darker piece below the lighter piece. Here, I layered the dark brown die-cut below the green die-cut. It creates a shadow below the die-cut piece and helps lift the element of interest.

For the tropical bird body and florals, I merely followed the shape and cut them out. Then I re layered them on top of the green base.

This die-cut also features very lovely tropical leaves around the bird. I am always looking for leaves dies. They are the best things to layer, and they fill up spaces beautifully without over cluttering. Here you can see the layers where the tropical leaves peek out from the pattern papers.

Even the florals are a beauty to layer!

For the title, I decided to go with the Sizzix Thinlits - Celebration Words-Block. I just picked out the words containing the alphabets in Paradise and cut them in black glitter paper to match the tropical bird. I also love to stitch on my layouts. Here, I am using an altered stab binding as the background to my title. That does look a little like the roof of a house doesn't it?

This layout came about pretty quick, and it was easy because I had the right tools on hand. I really love the Sizzix multi tool and the paper sculpting kit. If you hadn't already gotten these tools, you should! They are my best friends when I craft!

The Sizzix Multi Tool with interchangeable heads complements a wide variety of making activities. It includes a rubberised dual end handle with ergonomic grip allowing use of two heads at the same time. The Multi Tool comes with a distress head and craft knife and an end cap is also provided if single ended use is preferred. Simply twist and lock heads into place. I bring along my multi tool when I go out. It is always connected to the distress head, and this tool also acts as a thread cutter! (Also a great tool to bring along on the aeroplane! The blades are not exposed, so it is safe for flight travels.) 

My paper sculpting kit is always in use. Be it sculpting florals, piercing for stitching work, or fussy cutting, there is just always a need! Of course, having the right combination of colors is an added bonus!

Hope you have enjoyed the walk through, and that it inspires you with ways to use your dies! Do check out the Sizzix UK blog and instagram for more ideas! While you are at IG, also check out #mymakingstory for even more inspirations!

Sizzix Supplies Used:

Sizzix: Gift Box | Smile

Back on the blog today sharing a gift box I made recently using Sizzix UK #662542 Amour thinlits die by Sophie Guilar.

I always find myself looking at dies in different ways. I guess it is the engineering aspect in me which prevails. I like the variety of ways to use 1 thing, and that keeps me going.

This time, I built a gift box instead. Great to have in handy, and simple to build. Most importantly, it also has the touch of elegance!

This envelope header die cuts the most elegant flourishes ever. How can one not fall in love with it?
I hope this gives you an idea of what you can make with this die. To me, it is not only an envelope die, but can also be used as a gift box flap or an album cover.

Do check out the Sizzix UK blog and instagram for more ideas! While you are at IG, also check out #mymakingstory for even more inspirations!

Sizzix Supplies Used: