2 Jul 09 Baby Jacket & Guest Designer for Ed's Sketch

With my travels next week and exams on monday, I'd say it's a hectic week for me.
Expected hardship in this trip next week. I'd be doing installation. haha. And the risk I've to take - next week is election week in Indonesia, expecting riots and distruptions. Well.

13th July is my final exam for special term. I guess I aint too stressed over it, afterall my midterm test + presentation = 42.5 / 50, and after calculating, my presentation was full marks loh! hahaha... See? I've got a little of daddy's genes afterall.

Well, the only good thing, 8th July is official Indonesia public holiday. So means I can be in the hotel working and not go out. haha. I'd love working from "home". It sorta means I can wake up later. wahahaha.

There has been some scrapbooking excitation coming up, hehe, I received an email.....

Dear Stacy
Hi, it's Edleen here :)
I'd like to invite you to be my Guest Designer for Ed's Sketch for the month of August.


I'm just so glad to be in the scrapping arena! It's full of excitements!

Also, my cousin's son will be 1 year old on 19th July 2009! haha. But his size is bigger than normal one year old, the last that I heard, his size is that of 15 months! & so, in order to make sure that he could still wear for a longer period of time, I've to make up to 4-5 years. haha. that's abit kiasu right. Here's the jacket I'm making. Nice? But I cant find the same colour, so it's in yellows.

Here's some preview of what I am doing... I doubt can finish by 19th though, very tight schedule leh. haha. will see how. That's only the front 2 pieces. haha. I'll try my best. haha.
More things to do at work, dd is having gastric pains today, and wierdly I'm having tummy upsets today as well. hahaha...

Catch up soon, I'll be updating from Indonesia next week...

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